The Incredibly Comfortable Keyboard
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You deserve Glove80

If you are a keyboard warrior or a keen gamer, you deserve Glove80.

At 80 wpm, typing only 2 hours a day, 200 days a year, your fingers would be tapping 10 million keystrokes a year. 

Designed and optimized by a dedicated group of enthusiasts who suffered from repetitive strain injuries (RSI), Glove80 is the result of more than 500 iterations of ergonomic experiments and prototypes. It is quite possibly the most comfortable keyboard for you.   

I love the thumb cluster. I tried quite a few other ergo keyboards, this is the only one that works for me.

Tiny hands

After fifteen years of using a Kinesis Advantage, I knew exactly what I wanted to improve on. Glove80 hits all of those points.

Medium-sized hands

A few years ago I developed severe pain in my wrist. Glove80 got me back into action and allowed my wrist to fully heal.

Big hands

I have a Kinesis Advantage at home and a at work. But this is the most comfortable keyboard I have typed on.

Big hands

Love Glove80. Love that I can place my hands further apart, so much less neck pain. Never typed with my little fingers until Glove80 put the keys right where I need them. Helped me typed more accurately too.

Short wide hands


Glove80 Features


No more desk clutter

The two halves are connected wirelessly. Glove80 can connect to your devices through a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection, or if you choose, a USB-C cable

Connect to multiple devices

3 BLE devices and 1 USB device

Simultaneously connect up to 3 BLE devices and 1 USB device. No more need for multiple keyboards

Built-in adjustable tenting

Help you find the perfect angle for your hands

For many people, an adjustable tenting angle is critical for wrist comfort. Glove80 has a built-in tenting system that allows for a very generous range of tenting with infinite increments

Detachable 3D-sculpted palm rests

Compact for travel

The detachable palm rests are 3D-sculpted for maximum comfort, and adjust seamlessly to your chosen tenting angle. If you are travelling, you’ll also appreciate the Glove80's detachable the palm rests.

Premium components

Only the best

High quality POM translucent keycaps (legended or blank of your choice) specially designed for Glove80. Premium mechanical Kailh Choc keyswitches for the lowest height. Battery sipping Nordic nRF52840 to power it all

Works with any keymap

DVORAK COLEMAP and International Layout

Every key on Glove80 uses the same uniform keycap profile. The keycaps can be swapped to match your keymap. COLMAK, DVORAK, AZERTY and all

Visual Keymap Configurator

Easily reconfigure your keyboard

No software application needed. Create new keymaps for your Glove80 on Chrome browser

ZMK Firmware

The best open source BLE keyboard firmware

Freedom! ZMK is the new kid on the open source firmware block. Similar to QMK, but with excellent support for power management and BLE. And most important of all, a great community

One-handed use

Perfect for gaming

Glove80 functions as a super one-handed gaming keyboard. Connected via USB, the latency is low. Designed to minimize finger movement and equipped with low travel Kailh Choc switches, assisted by the powerful programmability of ZMK (and macros coming soon), you will enjoy ever more chicken dinners

Highly customizable

Make it truly truly yours

Glove80 is designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Custom mount your Glove80 using standard off-the-shelf components. Additional GPIOs if you are into hardware hacking. We look forward to seeing what you do
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Why is Glove80 so comfortable?

500+ Ergonomic Experiements and Prototypes

Madness breeds perfection

Glove80 is the end-result of 500+ ergonomic experiments and prototypes. We believe the only way to achieve a great ergonomics is through lots and lots of testing and observations. We achieved this by building a series of modular functional and non-functional test rigs, and running A/B testing experiments

Fit many of us like a pair of gloves

Tested on a wide range of hand shapes and sizes

We have tested the candidate designs across testers with a broad range of hand sizes and shapes. Tiny female Asian hands. Big chunky hands. Short pinkies. Long pinkies. Long agile thumbs. Less dextrous thumbs. For many hand sizes and shapes, Glove80 is probably the most comfortable production keyboard for you

Split halves

Adjust to your shoulder width

The two halves of Glove80 can be placed to suit your shoulder width and your natural arm separation

Contoured keywell

Follow the natural finger curling motion

Our fingers draw a curve when we curl them. The curved keywell follows the curves of our natural finger motions for maximum comfort

Revolutionary thumb cluster to utilize our strongest digit

Easily access 6 thumb keys per thumb

Arranging the thumb keys in two arcs, and utilizing the sweeping motion of the base thumb joint, all thumb keys are easily accessible without moving palm movement

Keys easily reachable with no palm movement

Rest arms while typing

For many users, all thumb keys and most finger keys are easily accessible with very little palm movement. Unlike other keyboards, this makes it comfortable to rest the soles of their palms on the palm rests while typing, allowing the arms and wrists to relax at all times

Lowest profile contoured keyboard

Fits a wide range of desk & chairs

The lowest key (middle finger home row) is 20mm from the top of the keycap to the table. For comparison the height of a typical nude MX-stem key switch is approximately 19mm. Glove80's low height is critical for comfort on a great range of tables and chairs

Adjustable tenting

Reduce risk of carpal tunnel syndrone

When we relax our hands on a table, our hands naturally do not lie flat on the table.  Glove80 has a built-in tenting system, to change the tenting angle of the keyboard to fit your natural preference for maximum comfort. 

Neutral tilt

Eliminate bending of the wrists

Most keyboards have a positive tilt, which forces your wrists to bend upwards. This is a frequent cause of wrist pain. Glove80 provides a neutral tilt position, but can be adjusted to positive tilt or negative tilt if that is preferred
Glove80's crowdfunding will start soon. We need your support
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