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Not-Black-Friday Clearance: Glove80 Ergonomic Keyboard Revision 1 without Travel Case

The Not-Black-Friday Clearance is on!

We are having a clearance sale of Glove80 Revision 1 Split Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard with Concave Keywell. If you are not planning to travel with Glove80, this sale is for you. For an unbelievable price, you get a wireless (Bluetooth Low Energy) ergonomic keyboard broadly considered to be one of the most ergonomic keyboard ever made. If you want to hear what others are saying, check this page out.

- White switch variants: US$349

- Brown switch variants: US$369
- Red switch variants: US$369 

NOTE: Revision 2 Glove80 with Travel Case can be ordered at


  • Choice of grey case or white case
  • Choice of four key switch types (Red Pro variants are sold out)   
  • 80 RGB LEDs, one under each key
  • White labelled keycaps (please see here for details; 80 are pre-installed and the remaining 6 are in the box as extras)
  • Detachable palm rest
  • Tenting kit built in
  • Includes:
    • 1 x USB-C cable
    • 1 x Key cap puller
    • 12 x Extra feet for high angle mounting and custom mounting
    • 12 x Extra silicone feet pad for high angle mounting and custom mounting
    • 1 x Set of extra threaded rod and nuts for high angle mounting and custom mounting
    • 1 x M4 spanner
    • 4 x Extra blank keycaps
  • Ready to use

DDU shipping is included in the price. Ships to 30+ countries.

For more information on key switches, please see here.

NOTE: This product ships immediately.

    *Accessories in the photos are not included


      Color: Grey