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Glove80 Tripod Mounting Plate (Non-Quick-Release)

Glove80 Tripod Mounting Plate makes it simple to use Glove80 with the vast choice of tripod-mount camera gear and clamps for all sorts of custom mounting.

There are three variations:

  • Short: For use with Glove80 with palm rest detached
  • Standard: For use with Glove80 with palm rest attached
  • Wide: For use with Glove80 with palm rest attached, with one side being extra wide (approximately 150mm extra width) to accommodate a mouse/trackball. This can be used with left hand or right hand mouse/trackball. 

The package comes with:

  • Two acrylic plates
  • 6 Glove80 white feet, for use with white case Glove80 variants
  • 6 Glove80 grey feet, for use with grey case Glove80 variants
  • A set of M4 threaded rods and fasteners

Some assembly is required; detail instructions are in the Glove80 User Guide.

Please note that keyboards, tripods and clamps shown in the photos are not included. Due to the variety of use cases, customers will need to source tripods or clamps to suit their unique needs.