The Incredibly Comfortable Keyboard


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Glove80 is not your run-of-the-mill ergonomic keyboard. Glove80 is a keyboard that has been refined over 6 years and the result of 500+ ergonomics A/B testing experiments. It is incredibly comfortable, wireless (but optionally wired), highly programmable and reconfigurable to adapt to your needs.

Glove80 Ergonomics

Glove80 is specifically designed to help you maintain the best posture while you are typing, and to provide you with a healthy and incredibly comfortable typing experience. 
For a detailed article on the key ergonomic design elements of this incredibly comfortable Glove80 keyboard, please read our article "The Ergonomic Design of Glove80 Split Contoured Keyboard"

What's It Like To Type On Glove80?

Super comfortable. 

You can type faster, type longer, and with far less fatigue on your hands, wrists, arms, neck and shoulders. With the Glove80, you can keep your hands and wrists in better health. 

Let's take a look at Kevin's hands while he types.

Kevin is able to rest his palms on the palm rests while typing. He is keeping his arms and shoulders relaxed at all times. 

This is only possible because: 

  • With Glove80 Kevin does not need to move his palms to reach the finger or thumb keys. 
  • The unique (and patent pending) thumb key layout means that all 6 thumb keys can easily be reached without moving the palm. 
  • The curved finger columns in the contoured key wells follow the fingers' natural curling motion and minimize sideways finger movements. 
  • The two halves are separated to easily adjust for Kevin's shoulder width, to eliminate the need to round his shoulders. 

In short, Glove80 helps you to type faster and longer without fatigue

NOTE: Kevin chose the white clicky switches for his Glove80. Glove80s with red linear and brown tactile switches do not make the clicky sound. 

Wireless And Multi-Device

Glove80 is wireless. 

No wires are needed between the two halves, which helps you keep your desk clutter-free. 

Glove80 can connect to 4 Bluetooth LE devices and 1 USB device at the same time. It is a breeze to switch between the connected devices. This feature is particularly useful if you have a personal and a work laptop, or if you need to type long documents and emails on tablets and phone.

Compact, Sleek and Travel Friendly

Traditionally contoured keyboards are comfortable, but big, heavy and bulky. Taking one on the road was never much of an option. .

For the first time you can comfortably bring the incredible ergonomics of a contoured keyboard to meeting rooms, cafes, clients or whereever else you need to type 

Glove80 is the most compact contoured keyboard ever made, key for key. Pop Glove80 into your carrying bag and take it with you to the meeting room, local café or on the road. 

We are currently looking for a factory to make a travel case for Glove80. We expect the travel cases to be made available as an add-on, after the Kickstarter Campaign finishes.

Glove80 is designed to be travel friendly. It is incredibly compact at 370mm(wide) x 165mm (deep) x 59mm (high) without palm rests.

To further illustrate how serious we are about making Glove80 compact: the top of the lowest keycap is an incredible 20mm from the table. For comparison, a standard Cherry MX key switch without a keycap is 19mm tall.

Layout, Keycaps and GUI Configurator

Each key on Glove80 shares the same keycap shape. This means that the labelled keycaps can be fully rearranged to match any layout you desire, whether that’s QWERTY, Colemak, Dvorak or your own unique creation. 

Some users like to have the modifier keys (such as shift) on the pinky fingers and some others prefer them on the thumb.

Glove80 in Colemak layout

The layout of Glove80 is configured using a browser-based GUI Layout Configurator. No application installation is needed; only a Chrome browser is required.

Open-source ZMK Firmware

Glove80 is powered by ZMK, an open-source firmware specially designed for Bluetooth LE-enabled keyboards. Similar to QMK, ZMK is immensely flexible and powerful, and allows deep re-programmability. Most important of all, ZMK has a great community. 

Some of features supported by ZMK include: 
  • Low Active Power
  • Layers
  • Hold-Tap
  • Combo Keys
  • Macros (coming soon)
  • LED Control

Endless Expansion Possibilities 

Glove80 is designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. It is important to us that everyone has the freedom to extend and expand Glove80, to make Glove80 completely theirs.

For custom mounts: Glove80 is specifically designed for custom mounts. Take off the feet of each leg, and you have access to standard-sized mounting bolts. Because of the 4 or 6 mounting bolts (depending on whether palm rests are used), the custom mount will be rock solid, and perfect for a chair mount, vertical mount, magnetic feet mount or anything you can come up with.

Under-desk vertical mount using the Glove80's custom mounting support, 
laser-cut acrylic sheets and off-the-shelf camera mounts

For the electronics hackers: Glove80 provides pin-outs for 4 additional digital GPIO lines, so you can add new hardware features to your keyboard.
For the software hackers: the MIT-licensed ZMK provides unlimited expansion possibilities when it comes to software capabilities. Whatever software features you want to add, you could if you are willing to write code.

How Did We Perfect The Ergonomics?  

To arrive at the best ergonomic design, we believe the only way is to respect and to listen to our bodies, to determine what works and what doesn't. We did more than 500 different ergonomics experiments to find the perfect position and angle for each key.     

One of the modular test rigs that allow us to quickly change the curvature of each column, as well as the relative positions (height, north-south position, and tilt) of each column. Furthermore, this test rig looks like and works like a standard keyboard.

We built modular test rigs that let us quickly swap out parts of the keyboard to test many variations. The best part was that the test rigs looked and operated like normal keyboards so our testers could test how our designs perform in real life. If you would like more information about how we did it, please check out the article about "How the "ultimate"​ ergonomic keyboard is created through 500+ A/B testing experiments".

Technical Specifications

How does Glove80 compare?

NOTE: The comparison is based on the available public data sources, including vendors’ website and product reviews, and some of our own measurements. There may be inaccuracies in this spreadsheet; we make no representation regarding its correctness, so please use this at your own risk. If there are inaccuracies, please do contact us at We do strive to keep it as accurate as possible.



The Incredibly Comfortable Keyboard


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