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Glove80 Key Switches

Glove80 Key Switch Choices

Under each Glove80 key is a low profile Kailh Choc v1 mechanical key switch. Kailh Choc v1 switches are some of the most well known and popular low profile mechanical key switches in the market.

3 key switch choices are available:

How Should I Choose?

Key switch choice is very personal. Glove80 works well with all three key switch choices. 

If you have access to mechanical keyboards, we suggest you try some with tactile switches and linear switches to better understand how they feel. 

If not, these few questions may help.

Do you intend to use Glove80 in an office?

If so, white clicky may not be the best choice, as it is reasonably noisy.

Do you like tactile feedback, i.e. a feeling of resistance, when you press a key? 

If yes, the brown tactile and white clicky switches should be considered. The white clicky switch has a very crisp and satisfyingly strong tactile feedback, whereas the brown tactile switch has a more muted feedback.

On the other hand, if you prefer a buttery smooth key press action, the red linear key switch is for you.