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Glove80 Upgrade Kit for Revision 1 Glove80

Upgrade kit for Revision 1 Glove80: 

  • 2 x blank MBK keycaps
  • 12 x O-Ring OD 5.5mm ID 3.5mm
  • 12 x O-Ring OD 6.5mm ID 3.5mm

The MBK keycaps serve as homing keycaps. We don’t think homing keys are necessary once you get used to the Glove80’s concave keywell, but they are excellent training wheels for new Glove80 users.

The O-rings serve to firmly secure the feet from wobbling when making minor height adjustments.

NOTE: If you have a Revision 2 Glove80, you don't need this. The same items are already included with a Revision 2 Glove80.