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MCC POM Homing (2-Pack)

Gorgeous homing version of the MCC POM keycaps. With two raised dots, your fingers can easily locate the home row. Blank with no legends.

MCC profile is a cylindrical minimal-height profile specially designed for Kailh Choc v1 key switches. It is perfect for building low profile keyboards.

MCC keycaps are designed to complement MBK and MBK Convex keycaps to work and look great together on a keyboard.

POM is a premium keycap material which does not shine easily. Its buttery smooth type feel is complemented with a heavy texture.

Available in either translucent white or opaque black. 

NOTE: This keycap is designed for Kailh Choc v1 key switches. It is not compatible with Kailh Choc v2 nor MX key switches. 

The product contains only the keycaps as described. The keyboards and other images are for illustrative purposes.

Color: Opaque Black
Translucent White
Opaque Black